The start of

a clean world

Let's end waste pollution at its source. Let's transform how we think about trash and recycling.

The problem

We need to turn cleaning into wealth. Our world needs to change how it relates to waste.


of the waste generated is recycled.


tons of waste goes to nature today.


each person generates of plastic waste per year on average.
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How RECY Network works

We issue tokens based on recycling and composting reports. You can buy cRECYs to support the cleanup of the world or earn them as a recycler.

RECY Reports

Recy Reports are the reports recyclers share with the network. They are the soul of the network because based on them new cRECY Tokens are generated.


On the Recy App you can share reports to show you are delivering waste to the right place, know your waste footprint in the world and earn cRECY tokens while using it.

FCW Status

Organizations that use the Recy App and lock cRECYs monthly earn the Friend of The Clean World status. The status is the first demonstrations of positive ESG impact that doesn't add cost to the organization.

The RECY network

The Recy Network is a network of people who want to lead the world to recycle and compost as much as possible. Through our app you can participate in different ways, earning and buying tokens for this purpose.

Buy cRECY end more than 1 billion tons of waste that goes to nature every year while empowering recyclers. Beyond building a clean world cRECY can be used to get discounts at partner businesses and for companies to have the Friends of the Clean World Status.

cRECYs are minted in an auditable and transparent way.

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